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Knitting on the Cheap

I’ve mentioned before that I always check the craft supply shelf when I’m at the Goodwill, and it’s very hit and miss, but when I score, I score BIG.  Recently I found a bag of six big balls of a mustardy-gold wool roving for $3.  It was probably dirt cheap because there were no bands on the wool indicating the fibre content or the yardage, and I doubt there are many fans of the mustard-gold variety.  However, I am a wizard of the string and a fan of mustard gold. I had seen this exact colour of roving at the Yarn Factory Outlet in Listowel last summer while my family cried in the car about how horrible I was being to them regarding the whole pit stop for yarn.  Ironically I had picked up some of the same wool roving for the littlest’s winter tuques, and she’s a big fan now.  

So I knew the mustardy-gold roving was indeed 100% merino wool, and each 100g ball would have cost me about $9.  That’s a steal.  If you do the math, this same bag would have cost me over $50 plus taxes, and a bonus with shopping at the Goodwill is that you pay no tax.  I was also thrilled because I was certain that I could squeeze an entire adult sweater out of this bag.  I was giddy with excitement.  I rushed home with my big bag of wool and quickly searched sweater patterns on ravelry (, and within minutes I had my pattern chosen.  In fact, the Owls sweater was already in my knitting queue, and I had rather fortunately used some foresight and downloaded the pattern into my library while it was free.  Next I scrounged around and dug up some needles to cast on, and voila!

Best of all the entire sweater was knit in three weeks.  SWEET!!  Can you believe that I knit this beautiful seamless fitted 100% wool sweater for only $3?  I’m still in shock.  And you know it’s a success when the teenaged daughter asks to borrow it!

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