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Floating on the Flannel Clouds…

Flannel is on the uprise, meeting somewhere in between lumberjack and a sort of chic, and at least an acceptable wear for the so-called “hipster.” The latter, at least, I do qualify, and thus shall continue bemoaning you with tales of this soft, hugging fiber.

As previously mentioned, the hipster code dictates the possession of at least one staple flannel (you can add it to the wardrobe list found here, on Urban Dictionary). As a self-titled hipster (that may be an oxymoron?), flannel must be incorporated into my closet. As a broke, university-attending, thrift shoppe-addicted lil’ hipster, you already know the go-to location for a flannel finding: the Goodwill brand.

This particular find may be my favourite in a while of Goodwill finds. You see, I did not even have to look for it. Enter sister. Another positive to winter: more than one pair of eyes searching for hidden treasures amongst the packed racks. This particular gem was handed over the fitting room door to my waiting phalanges without so much as a shift of hangers. Simple as standing still. Now to incorporate this new staple (this already soft, cozy, bright staple) into the already-established friendships of my other clothes.

For a more casual setting, which, let’s face it, is the default idea for flannel, I prefer the basic pairing of denim and a flat shoe, maybe throw a cardigan over it all. This is a fine time to play with texture in my shoes, and colour contrast with the denim. This New Year’s gave me an inspiration to take flannel into a dressier setting by pairing with a wide-leg trouser, heel and basic tweed or herringbone blazer (peruse your local Goodwill blazer section for the best finds). With the casual manner of the focal piece, this provides a good opportunity to dive into accessorizing [that plunge being one which I rarely to never take (baby steps, you may recall)]. 

Well, I’m off to run to town and accomplish the list items I haven’t even written down yet, all whilst wearing my newfound flannel. Who knew such comfort could be so empowering!

Best of luck in your Goodwill treasure hunting, readers. A final thought: as holiday clothes gifts and shopping finds infiltrate your closet, remember the opportunity to donate to your local Goodwill as you cycle out old items.

Until next time, Sadie

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